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By Sharon Jones, M.Ed., and Sue Palko, M.Ed.

Young boy smiling at parents.“Educating children with autism is a challenge for both parents and teachers. Each child with autism has unique abilities and challenges, and if taught properly by trained teachers using evidence-based practices, can develop to his or her full academic potential.” – Autism Advocate, 2007

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By Mona D. Pruett, M.S., OTR

Middle school boy in hallway.Pick up a newspaper or listen to any newscast today and it will be hard not to hear about a budget crisis in any sector of government.

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By Laura C. Peters, M.A.

Teacher using megaphone to talk to student.The bottom line with power struggles in the classroom is that nobody wins.

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By Chris Frawley, M.Ed.

Male student reading in classroom.We are often frustrated when students aren’t learning the content. We’re actively teaching and making adjustments to our instruction. Yet students continue to struggle to make progress. What’s missing?

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By Karen Hoover, M.Ed.

Teacher working with three students.Since the legislation of No Child Left Behind, assessments in most classrooms are dominated by the ones that are summative in nature.

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By Joan Lovegren-O’Brien, M.S.Ed

Group of students sitting on bleachers.According to the 2007-08 Virginia Department of Education Special Education Performance Report , more than 2.4 percent of students with disabilities in grades 7 to 12 dropped out of school.

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By Kelly E. Ligon, M.Ed.

Student drives transition to post secondary life.For the last couple of years, Innovations and Perspectives has published many articles about the secondary transition process.

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