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Chris Frawley, M.Ed.

The last student has walked out the classroom door and toward summer vacation.

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Wanda R. Bass, M.Ed.

People meetingThe standards-based educational movement is not new.

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Sharon Jones, M.Ed.

Child with blocksWe have been hearing and reading a lot recently about evidence-based practices (EBPs).

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Mary Tobin, M.Ed.

Child and adult with iPadDid you realize the largest minority group in the United States is people with disabilities?

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Fran Smith, Ed.D., C.V.E. and Sharon Jones, M.Ed.

Child and adult with iPadAs this mobile revolution unfolds, we at the Virginia Department of Education’s Training and Technical Assistance Center at Virginia Commonwealth University (VDOE T/TAC @ VCU) have tried to both stay abreast of these fast-emerging trends and learn how to use these tools.

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Mona D. Pruett, M.S., OT/L

One of my son’s first words was “up.”

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Laura C. Peters, M.A.

Children in classroomAs the bell rings and class begins, Adam is fidgeting with items in his desk.

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