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Phyllis L. M. Haynes, Ph.D.

Test anxietyToday is like any other day except I have a test. I arrive in class; my heart feels like it’s about to come through my shirt! Am I afraid? What’s happening to me? What if I don’t pass? My teacher said the “Standards of Learning (SOLs) are important.”

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Kelly Ligon, M.Ed. and Sharon Jones, M.Ed.

Transitioning to collegeTransitioning from high school into college presents new opportunities and challenges…

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Mona Pruett, M.S., OT/L

Four-Blocks® FrameworkLiteracy instruction is an essential daily component of every classroom. However, for students with intellectual disabilities (ID), literacy instruction does not always follow a comprehensive approach…

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Kira Austin, Ph. D. Candidate

Crème brûléeYou are standing in your kitchen feeling frustrated. In an hour dinner guests will begin arriving and you can’t find your recipe for your famous crème brûlée. You have all of the ingredients, but you just can’t quite remember the steps. Do you whisk or pour cream in first? What you are really looking for is your crème brûlée task analysis.

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Cindi Jackson, M.Ed.

Investing planning timeAre you a math teacher looking for new ideas to help struggling students be successful? Resources are available related to curriculum and pacing, writing, manipulatives, and lesson planning that can help you strengthen your skills, get you started in the right direction, or give you new ideas to energize your students. This article will highlight a few of those resources.

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A parent and son perspective

Joan Lovegren-O’Brien, M.S.Ed.

It was fall of his second grade year; the teacher and I were sitting in a classroom for a conference. She suggested testing my child for special education services. I asked her what strategies were currently being used to assist my son in the classroom. None were being implemented and none were suggested. I refused permission for the testing. This was 1995. This is a true story…

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Mary E. Tobin, M.Ed.

Being a more reflective early childhood practitioner A growing trend in education is a shift toward expecting teachers to become more reflective about their practice, to identify strengths and to plan for change in areas that need improvement. Coaching is an adult learning strategy that is being implemented frequently in the early childhood field…

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