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Topic: Early childhood

Cathy Cook, M.Ed., VDOE T/TAC at James Madison University

Child playing with math manipulativesExploring concepts in mathematics with a classroom of four year olds can be one of the most exciting experiences for a preschool teacher.

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Mary Tobin, M.Ed.

Child and adult with iPadDid you realize the largest minority group in the United States is people with disabilities?

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Margaret Vaughan, M.Ed.

Young children with art materialsConsider for a moment a typical state-sponsored early childhood classroom for 4-year-old children.

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By Mary Tobin, M.Ed. and Sandy Wilberger, M.Ed.

SpecialQuest Birth-Five is a training approach to professional development that provides a framework for creating and sustaining educational environments that are inclusive of all children.

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By Sharon Jones, M.Ed., and Sue Palko, M.Ed.

Young boy smiling at parents.“Educating children with autism is a challenge for both parents and teachers. Each child with autism has unique abilities and challenges, and if taught properly by trained teachers using evidence-based practices, can develop to his or her full academic potential.” – Autism Advocate, 2007

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By Mary Tobin, M.Ed.

Virginia is one of many states joining a growing movement to establish standards for measuring the quality of early childhood programs.

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By Sandy Wilberger, M.Ed., and Sue Palko, M.Ed.

children coloringIncluding children with disabilities into programs with their typically developing peers has been an ongoing practice for more than 30 years. While most preschool programs began with “mainstreaming,” Head Start led the way by mandating that at least 10 percent of the children enrolled in their program have a disability.

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