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Topic: Transition

Joan Lovegren-O’Brien, MS.Ed.

Firefighters“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

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Wanda R. Bass, M.Ed.

People meetingThe standards-based educational movement is not new.

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Judy Averill, M.Ed., Judith Howlett, M.Ed., Jennifer T. McDonough, M.S., C.R.C., and Katherine M. Wittig, M.Ed.

Male working on computerThe U.S. Department of Labor releases monthly employment statistics for persons with disabilities.

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By Mona D. Pruett, M.S., OTR

Middle school boy in hallway.Pick up a newspaper or listen to any newscast today and it will be hard not to hear about a budget crisis in any sector of government.

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By Joan Lovegren-O’Brien, M.S.Ed

Group of students sitting on bleachers.According to the 2007-08 Virginia Department of Education Special Education Performance Report , more than 2.4 percent of students with disabilities in grades 7 to 12 dropped out of school.

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By Kelly E. Ligon, M.Ed.

Student drives transition to post secondary life.For the last couple of years, Innovations and Perspectives has published many articles about the secondary transition process.

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By Kelly E. Ligon, M.Ed., and Katherine M. Wittig, M.Ed.

This is the final article in a series of articles on the transition process and describes essential features of a transition portfolio that may be used to document transition outcomes.

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